SIRE: WW, R.EW Winter Melody If I Only Had A Brain
DAM: Gemchugina Severa Juliana Queen of the Elves
Color: fawn and white with brown eyes
Sex: female
Date of birth: 19 of Apr 2021
Country of birth: Ukraine
Breeder: UKU-FCI kennel "Hakuna Vota"
Health tests: Hips HD-A, Elbows ED-0/0, Eye check up 2023 + gonioscopy are clear. Negative: XLPRA1, GM1



Doing amatuer racings on bike and with sledges

EUROPEAN CLUB WINNER 2023 (DENMARK) +BOB (under breed judge Anne Palmer from kennel Highlander), Dansk Certificate,
CAC Austria (under breed-judge Donna Beckman who has over 45 years of experience with Siberian Huskies), 1 CAC SLO, 1 CAC NL,
Class winner (1/24) at National Specialty in Italy under breeder judge from USA mr. Bruce Barnes,
Polish Champion,
7xCACIB, 4xres.CACIB
The Best in FCI Group 5, Best in Show Specialty-4th
Multi BOB and Multi Winner

MITYA also known as Yosemite is just amazing Siberian. We couldn't even imagine that such a dog would be born in our kennel, in our home. She is a Siberian husky that you won't hear people describe her as an ordinary Siberian? saying 'nothing special'.
Many people can't believe that a husky can be that unique by character... intelligent, beautiful, clever, smart, sweet, wise, and so excellent at recall, ready to work, able to play with her own toys and not bother others. She really loves when she is given some sort of "job", especially loves to do a shared work with people. She's very self-sufficient, and at the same time we have strong bond with each other. If I were asked to describe whether a Siberian can be a companion, besides being a perfect sled dog, I would say that Mitya, in my eyes, is exactly of that kind of Siberians.
She is both a working dog and a companion. Indeed, this is how the Chukchi and Eskimos envisioned the breed when they developed it.
She also loves to sleep on the couch. At the moment, she's our only Siberian who can be unleashed on the walks.
Mitya is not a "husky" in terms of the horror stories about this breed on the internet.
She's an ideal Siberian with whom you can go (or run) to the ends of the earth.

Int Ch Gemchugina Severa Juliana Queen of the Elves
Breezer of Siberian Lady
White Sunday's Like It Bumble B
Snowmist's Quicksilver Speigas
Chinook De Ciukci
Oumiak's Double Trouble
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Asti Dog House Silver Bell
Czarodziej Eskimoski Domek
Nordground Lioness Living Heart
Gemchugina Severa Afina Peachy Princess
Here is mitya's full pedigree
Korol-Korolevich of Siberian Country
WW, R.EW Winter Melody If I Only Had A Brain
ECW Hakuna Vota Yosemite
Kristari's Quiet Riot
WW Int Ch Winter Melody Am I Absolutely In Trouble
Kristari's On The Sly
Kristari's French Coquette
Paragon's Absolutely Entertaining O'Kristari
Winter Melody Deep Trouble In Mainake
BIS BISS GCh Gold Paragon’s Red Red Wine
JWW, ECW, BIS, BISS Winter Melody Double Trouble