Meet the graduates of our kennel. These are siberian huskies of our production, they are from different litters, of different years of birth. They all live in their best families, whom we carefully selected and approved, and all of them send us greetings.

Litter 'S'. Autumn'19 out of HAKKA + Motya (CH motya Karnavalda)

Hakuna Vota Silver Surfer
He lives in Munich and was given the nickname there the little king of Bavaria, he travels a lot around the country with his family
Hakuna Vota Scout of Adventures
Uwokhali Agatoli is his full homename. He lives in Almere, the Netherlands, He is like a son there, he is loved and cherished by his family
Hakuna Vota Solar Creek
Lives in Ukraine in the Dnipro city, he has a very young and conscious owner. 19-year-old girl. She wanted of changes in her life so much and Luke helps her a lot in this.

Litter 'Y'. SPRING'21 out of JUNA + ZERO ( WW'20(22) Winter MElody IF Only Had a Brain)

Hakuna Vota Yummy Tammy
Baby Yuka lives in Hamburg, she has active parents aged 50+, adventurers, and young at heart
Hakuna Vota Yadvigha
Our "clockwork monkey". She lives in Kyiv in her best family and with 2 cats, goes to agility classes, acts in training videos, and in general she is an excellent student and a beauty. At home, she already has 3 beds!
Hakuna Vota Yoo Max A Million
"The best boy" that's what we told him when he was a little baby huskey, and he answered - "Aw-aw" and licked the whole face of somebody of us. Now he is living in Germany with his ever the best and most loving family, who are crazy for him, and they are for him.
Hakuna Vota Young n Beautiful
This puppy is uncommonly smart, quick-witted. Very loving, friendly and affectionate. With a very wise and expressive look. Sometimes it seems that she is more perspicacious than some people. She left us at the age of 6 months for her forever home. And now she lives and travels with her human MOM and her husky-friend Torvi
Hakuna Vota Yellowstone
This boy is like candy. He is a beautiful, anatomical, affectionate, quick-witted, soft boy, loves hugs, kisses. smart toys. He lives with a family of ballet dancers in a young family in Berlin. They call him Good Boy - because he really is.
HakunaVota Siberians
Ukraine, Dnipro
Rybinska str, b.30