Siberian Husky is a symbol of wild beauty, grace, endurance, love, family values, and a sense of humor

Being an owner of a Siberian Husky means being able to compromise and respect the rights and freedoms of others


Our Siberian huskies mean more to us than just working dogs and their beautiful appearance.
We consider them personalities and a full family members. Life with them is a whole world.

This Siberian is simply amazing in her character. Being with her is so comfortable, so easy. She recalls well outdoors, she's very smart, she remembers the way well, she's a team player, a very family-oriented Siberian husky. Many people who know this dog say that she is an incredible Siberian. Our champion, our number one, our smart and beautiful girl all in one.

If she were a human and an actress, she would definitely play the role of Belle in the movie Beauty and the Beast.

In our family, this dog is allowed to do anything she wants, because she is our first ever dog. To say that we love her is to say nothing. Hakka is smart and tricky dog. She is observant, knows how to predict events in space

Her name is Phoebe, because she's the ruler of human hearts. With her personality, beauty, sociability, and openness, she captures the hearts of everyone around her! And we are no exception