Hi, my name is Tetiana Karpenko, and I am the owner and breeder of Siberian Huskies at Hakuna Vota kennel. We are a family-type kennel registered with the Ukrainian Kennel Union (UKU) and Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). We are located in Dnipro, Ukraine. I have been deeply involved in the breed since 2017. Siberian Huskies are my second nature, and I my aim is too share love to Siberians with you


Living at the pace of A siberian husky is

Tetiana Karpenko – responsible breeder of Siberian husky, certified by FCI.

In our breeding, we strive to get Siberian huskies in the American type of show lines, because we like these bright dogs with expressive faces. At the same time, we want to preserve the historical purpose of the breed - movement and work. For this, we pay attention to height and body format, body proportions, the genetics of ancestors, temperament.

It is important for us that Siberian huskies have a strong nervous system. We prefer dogs that are friendly to everyone, quickly adapt to the environment, calm down quickly, learn quickly and, as a result, do not cause problems for their people.

We know from ourselves that a dog is another way to become part of the real world, to distract from office and everyday hustle and bustle. It's an opportunity to discover a new side of yourself and become better.

when you can lazily lounge on the sofa, then suddenly go on a hike or get in the car and set off on a journey. We're up for any excitement except for fasting. Living in a big city, Siberians and harnesses, bicycles, hiking, sleds, snow, snowboarding or skiing, long-distance car travel, and off-roading to beautiful and unexplored places - that's who we are. That's how we relax, become part of the real world, forget about stress, about daily routines and total digitization, reset our nervous system, and recharge for new feats. In one word - we live!

Purebred beautiful Siberian huskies with a balanced psyche, quality socialization - this is what we are good at doing.

Because we are able to make your dream of owning excellent and high-bred Siberian comes true
Our dogs live free out of crates, in our house with us. They are allowed to sleep everywhere the want
Our Siberians have world famous bloodlines of show champions in US, Europe and look like a Siberian husky breed standard describes
Our kennel always stay in touch with the new family of our puppies providing an comprehansive assistance by request
Our kennel is registered in FCI and in Kennel Club of Ukraine under number 274/18
We are for those whose lifestyle resonate with the spirit of Siberian husky
The ancestors of our Siberians are the World Winners, European champions, International champions. They carry the bloodlines of Seppala Siberian huskies in the deepest levels of its pedigree
Our Siberians could be a perfect house dogs
We use the psychology of dog behavior in everyday life with our huskies and while nurturing puppies
We promote a family lifestyle when a Siberian Husky comes into your home
We are professional family type kennel and you are free to choose whether to get our husky puppy for yourself like a companion or for all that including dog shows and other activities. It's all up to you


Usually, I plan our breedings in advance. To outline it broadly, it involves selecting a suitable match based on characteristics such as health, exterior qualities, breed type, proper conformation, and psychological potential. In my kennel, we only have female dogs, so every breeding is done off-site, with the male. The location of the male dog does not matter in this case.

Does the title of the male dog matter when selecting a match? It is indeed a plus, but not the deciding factor. As you know, titles are not genetically inherited. Therefore, my primary focus is on thoroughly studying the bloodlines represented in each pedigree to ensure that the final outcome aligns with my goals and visions, which I incorporate into each combination.

My guiding book in breeding is the Siberian Husky standard from FCI/AKC.

Our breeding principles

This is a very responsible, resource-intensive and energy-intensive event, stretched out in time for about six months. This period is remarkable in that all the attention is focused on different aspects of rearing, raising a puppy in the period between the birth and growth of each puppy.
Physiological, biological, psychological, social education, primary and fundamental socialization. Every our litter is a house-reared litter.
The puppies have access to different surfaces, every time they are experiencing open space, listen to different sounds, try a different kind of food and meals, have a sessions of potty trainings, have session of being alone and separated in closed room or crate for a while, vestibular apparatus training and car training. Have a wide variety of communication with different kind of people. And have so many things to develop a strong base of being great Siberian in all aspects in adulthood.

In order to ensure proper development and well-being of our puppies as well as the rest of our Siberians we can afford 1 litter per year, regardless of the number of adult dogs.

our PUPPY rearing

Before making a decision about purchasing a puppy from us, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with additional information about collaborating with our kennel

Details of cooperation with us

We do not seek to sell a puppy to anyone just to sell them. We are looking for responsible owners for our puppies. Our owners might be people of different ages and marital statuses. We do not sell our puppies to families with small children as fun for children. The minimum age of the owner is 25 years. If we see your serious position, then we will consider a younger age.
Our puppies could be available for regular owners, who want to live their life with Siberians, for show hands and for breeding purposes in other kennels. We do not sell our puppies to puppy mills or back-yard-breeders. We prefer to see our puppies in loving, responsible familles who want a Siberian husky as a full member of the family and will reckon with him and fully accept him in their lives as they are. We do not sell our huskies to a homes for living in an aviary or outside in the yard on a permanent basis.
We welcome the ambitious and active owners either. We have a waiting list that you can sign up for and have an interview with us and to make your personal interview of us. If we are a good fit for each other, nothing will prevent us from continuing our collaboration in acquiring a puppy. At the birth of a litter, preference is given to those owners who are on our waiting list, and then to everyone else.
If you are determined to acquire your perfect Husky puppy from our kennel, then comes the stage of resolving the financial aspect of the cooperation

Puppy selling FLOW

You make a deposit payment of 30%, and then you pay the remaining balance for the puppy two weeks before you plan to take it home. At the same time, we sign a purchase/transfer agreement with you
The agreement describes our main requirements, your rights and opportunities, and the mechanism of payment and transfer for the puppy
In addition, we also have several options for ownership. By default it is a full right ownership. And special offer - the co-ownership. Sometimes, we are highly interested in the puppy ourselves and would like to maintain access to this dog in the future to include it in our breed plan. Therefore, we can consider co-ownership of the puppy with you, if you are also interested in it. It may become an exciting type of ownership experience
The Ukrainian kennel of Siberian huskies "Hakuna Vota" | registered in KCU-FCI under the number 274/18

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