Our results of the outgoing 2022

Dear friends and guests of our website! We'd like to congratulate you on the coming New Year 2023!
Let your dreams come true, because the happiness must exists. And when you have a dog of such a breed as a Siberian husky it is a double happiness, you just need to take a good look at it.

Briefly and point by point about the main theses of 2022, which psychologically shook us a lot:
  1. So we started the year with a trip to Lviv to study at the school of social cynology @harmonic.dog 
  2. The war began. And we experienced the beginning of the war in the basement of our house located in Dnipro
  3. Decided that Mitya (HAKUNA VOTA YOSEMITE) will be our keeper. That is pretty interesting story about why I kept her. 
  4. We moved to Lviv again, as we thought, for just 1 month. And it turned out that we still live here. 
  5. As the owner of a kennel of Siberian husky in Ukraine, I am very interested in my breed, in the psycho-physiology of the formation of dog behavior, and in canine science - I studied at the above-mentioned school and practiced there with my Siberians.
  6. Mitya and I drived to Madrid for the World Dog Show 2022(20). We overcame 8,000 km. We visited many cities and 4 countries. We saw the Atlantic ocean!
  7. Received high marks for Mitya at the World Dog Show. And therefore for the kennel too. Because Mitya was born in our kennel.
  8. We also visited 2 of our graduates from the last offspring from Yuna and Zero. They `re Max and Yuka. We got to know their families better. And we became friends. Because that's how it should be: all our puppy buyers are our extended family, our friends, our like-minded people. We love and appreciate all the owners of our puppies. We accept, respect and admire their life with our graduates. Thank you for being with us and for everything you, our dear owners, do for our pups.
  9. Discovered new awesome dog wear for active life style #nonstopdogwear 
  10. We have made new friends. 
  11. We started to walk in the mountains, or trekkings with our huskies. We dreamed about such an active way of spending time for a long time. We did so 3 times in the whole autumn. For the first time we went trekking with the company of our new friends, with whom we got to know through the social-cynology school. Other 2 times - we've done it independently. And in one of these trips - our Mitya and Fibі decided, that they are faster and smarter all of us and can move 3 km quickly forward along the trail to the top and back.
  12. And then the generator-battery history began in our country. But our Yuna, Haka, Phoebe and Mitya were all the same. The main for things for them were their savories, we and different variety of dog games and toys to occupy them with. 
  13. And then it snowed! this snowfall caught us together with Phoebe in Poland. We went to that country to take part at the CACIB rank dog show in Lublin.There Phoebe took off her Excellent 3 mark. 
  14. And then the Christmas holidays have begun. So we decided to celbrate Christmas at the ski resort Dragobrat loacated in Carpathian mountains. Of course we took our 4 siberians together with us as we planned to have a great time in style of our husky family. We were accompanied by our friends who had also 3 dogs of different breeds. We went on snow trekking around the outskirts. And it was fantastic. Huskies were so happy and satisfied. We humans like the owners of theirs happy dogs and fans of snow and ski-touring, snowboarding and winter active sports - were just so happy and delighted.

For all these times we didn’t forget about the war for a second, we constantly work hard to collect and donate for Armes forces of Ukraine. Tried to take care of yourself psychologically, take care of our relatives psychologically, do not give the dogs a drive to panic. We are trying to do all our best the Victory gets closer. Sure, we were planning the future of the kennel, of our Siberian huskies.

This year for our husky kennel as a family turned out to be quite good. Our huskies have seen a lot of things, been to a lot of places, and got a new useful life experience. They adapted to the new place of residence and the schedule of the day.
Although, for our activities as a breeder, this year was not the most successful. And all this because of the war. It broke all our plans and hung us in fear and uncertainty for a while. And we decided that at such a moment of mating dogs and the birth of puppies - this is not the way.
Because the appearance of puppies, their raising up, upbringing, nurturing is high energy-consuming for us and requires a lot of spiritual and mental investment. Because "you" should always be strong and stable emotionally, nothing should excite you except puppies, there should be as few reasons for stress as possible.
Therefore, in this passing 2022, we have spent time on dog education and learning and practice with our huskies. And we just rejoiced in our life together and enjoyed what we have. We were also engaged in planning how to develop our kennel: how to live in new conditions, with whom to mate, in what exhibitions to participate, what results we want to achieve, what people we want to lure into our fans.
And, in fact, we will leave the birth of puppies for a more successful period. I hope this will happen in 2023.