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25 Banana's dog shows in 2023

'Practicing self-discipline and stay focused'
2023 was very eventful for us. That feeling when you've worked hard and well, and now with pleasure sat down to relax on vacation.
It gives you the chance to make a retrospective, create the next plan of action and development, set priorities, and move forward again, creating the life you envision. The most important thing in all of this is not to become a victim of war.
In this past 2023 year, our Siberian Husky kennel, Hakuna Vota, focused on show activities.
We finished up the Polish Championship title for Mitya, opened numerous other championships,
Participated in 3 major breed shows in Europe.
The first specialized Siberian Husky show took place in Denmark as part of a major dog show event - EURO DOG SHOW 2023.
Under the judging of Ann Palmer (Highlander’s kennel), Mitya earned her second Best of Breed at the European Specialty Siberian Husky Show. It was her second show in the adult class and her fourth show ever.
It was unexpected and fantastic; I still can't believe how we did it.
It opened doors for us in major shows by giving us more confidence.
Another great moment was at the Austrian Northern Breeds Club, where 3 judges from the 5 groups officiated, including an American breeder, the owner of the Siberian Husky kennel Goldbear (if I call it correctly) - Donna Beckman. Mitya won the class under this judge.
Then came our Italian adventures. We decided to participate in the National Italian Breed Show. There were 2 judges - husky breeders: one from Romania, Augustin Ionescu (Wolf Point kennel), and the other from America, Bruce Barnes (Zvezda kennel Texas state).
It was an event that will hold a special place in our history because Mitya and Juna were at the top of their classes under the Romanian judge and achieved Number 1 the Class Winner under the American judge, from a large amount of competitors, something I hadn't experienced before.
So, three breed experts from the United States, the country of this breed's origin, with the highest breeding standards and specific judging for shows and breeding, recognized Mitya - greatly! For being the best representative of the Siberian Husky.
We, girls from Ukraine, having only 5 years of experience and development behind us, finally started getting significant results in breeding. And not just from anyone, but from people whose opinion means a lot in the world of Siberian husky breeding.
We also attended the WORLD DOG SHOW 2023 in Geneva. We presented our 'girl in bikini' aka Mitya well but didn't clinch the title of World Winner '23. It didn't sadden us because shit happens. Additionally, we managed to unwind by hiking in the Swiss Alps, beholding the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc with our own eyes, visiting the Jungfraujoch, swimming in the Adriatic, dipping our paws in the North Sea, witnessing sunrise by the Baltic Sea, swimming in alpine lakes, walking on glaciers, almost melting in the heat wave in Geneva, cooling off by hiking to an altitude of 3000 meters on Gornergrat.
My phone is filled with a ton of photos and videos from our adventures.
Moreover, our Siberians demonstrated great socialization in the city, cafes, hotels, cars, trains, boats, and cable cars. I felt incredibly comfortable with them. And honestly, I can't even imagine doubting the abilities of huskies to be true companions.
Also, this year we visited two of our graduates. We walked, played, and behaved nicely together. And for me, it's a big deal to stay in touch with all the owners of our dog graduates because they're already our family. I deeply appreciate, love, and will always be grateful to 'our owners.'
I'm immensely proud of all of us.

Also Mitya has taken a special place in many hearts this year, among judges, other breeders, our followers, and our team of support.
In short figures:
We traveled 25,150 kilometers, visited 7 countries, attended 29 dog shows

25 shows for Mitya (16xCAC,1xClassWinner (1/24)+ R.CAC Italy, 6 Best of Breed, 3 Best Opposite Sex, 7 CACIBs, 4 res.CACIBs, 2 Best in Group - 2nd, Best in Group-1st, 4 Best in Specialty Show, Best in Show - Best Opposite Sex, European Club Winner, Swiss Alpensieger, Polhograijski Dolomiti Winner, Poznan Winner )

4 shows for Phoebe (PL CAC, 1 Best Opposite Sex, German res.CAC + CQ)

4 shows for Juna (NL CAC, res.CACIBs, class winner)
Mitya aka EuCW’23 Hakuna Vota Yosemite

Phoebe aka JCh Hakuna Vota Starlight Princess

Juna aka Int Ch Gemchugina Severa Juliana Queen of the Elves.
Thank you, 2023.
Happy New Year to everyone! May this year bring each of you prosperity, happiness, health, inspiration, emotional balance, and may all our plans come true.
And may sadness skip by.
A New year is a new opportunity to get it right.