Proofs why Siberian husky should live in an apartments

I’d like to have one too, but we live in an apartment, and they also need space fo freedom.
I always listen that issue out off passer-bys or other people who’ve just known that I’m a breeder of Siberian huskies
Let’s think, do people need to move?
If so, why do we live in apartments in an area of 20 sq or more?
What do we usually do in the apartment? – we have a rest there, eat, prepare for the next day, we make plans for life, there we gain strength.
People go running, jump and walk and the motion – outdoors, in fitness rooms, in the forest, at the seaside or so on. People take their children there for a walk because kids need to run, communicate and explore this world.
Folks, the same situation is with Siberians!

Siberians rest and eat at home. 

And maybe they trailing you at home. Or they may play with smart toys if you give them one.
They are quite unnoticeable at all at home …

They need in walks as much as people do.

• They still need to run and jump outdoors, preferably with you on a bike, or running (canicross). For example, to train for sled competitions.
• To do the mental exercises and train different things in the halls.
• rooms for training (if you are an adherent of such things)
• handling halls (this is about socialization and dog shows)
• agility rooms and dog-dances
Yes, we live in a house now. But!! Before that, we lived in a one-room apartment on the 8th floor with two Siberians and two bicycles. And I liked that regime and daily routine.

Dogs are more disciplined when they live in apartments.

And it was easier for me. This laziness did not overtake me — now I will let them walk into the yard, let them run around there.
After all they run around for fun. But globally, they will make the potty outside the yard, behind the fence.
And they will satisfy their social interest outside the yard