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The Siberian Husky is more than just a sled dog.

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My favorite breed, a Siberian Husky.
Dogs of this breed are curious, inquisitive, sharp-minded, and perfect endurance performers. It's in their genes to run to unknown places, in the cold, in blizzards, with 100% uncertainty ahead.
That's why they have no sense of distance whatsoever, especially when you let them run off-leash. Huskies are nothing like German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois, always ready to obey human commands. They have minds of their own. Huskies are better suited to the role of an independent companion, someone you've earned the right to be with.
But that's exactly what captivates me about them.
It's their freedom-loving nature, their independence, their unobtrusiveness, and that drive. I adore it when they dash off into the distance while off-leash and then return to you, making the ground shake. Or when they pull me on a sled in the winter at such speed that tears come to my eyes from the rush of air. Whew!! Adrenaline rush!
In those moments, I feel like my heart is split in two. One half for you and one for your Siberian husky.
It's as if you're harnessed into her heart.
And the Husky stops being just a dog on a leash. The Husky becomes a full-fledged part of your family. A bit peculiar in appearance. But truthful, just as it is.
And it's no longer embarrassing to let her into your bed, no shame in sharing your food with her. And the Siberian Husky's external beauty is just the cherry on top of everything you can experience as the owner of a true Siberian Husky.
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