‘Aren’t they hot? Where’s your sledge? I bet they’d love snow and frost right now!’

One more Myth about the Siberian husky
Yes, maybe. I’d personally like to live in the Maldives where it’s always warm and there’s a beautiful ocean. 
However, I was born in another corner of the planet and live in the climate of that place. My body’s perfectly adjusted to it.
The same goes for the Siberian Huskies. They’re born in different places on the planet. 
Yes, genetically, they possess everything needed to survive harsh frost. That’s all correct.
But it’s also true that their bodies adjust themselves to the climate of the place where they were born and grew up.
If we’re speaking 30+ degree heat, I would generally walk my dogs in the shadow, desirably early morning or late evening. However, some Huskies like lying out in the sun despite all their fur.
Air conditioners? If you’ve wanted to put them for a long time and you’ve always found excuses not to do so, when it comes to your dog, all reasons instantly fall apart.