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The main points about Siberian Huskies in a nutshell

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Everything you need to know about Siberian Husky: what this breed is, whether it suits you, and the pros and cons of this breed

The Siberian Husky is a breed of primitive type, a northern sled dog. They possess beauty, strength, grace, and agility, along with a generous amount of fur. They are of medium height and size, with moderate proportions, and a beautiful double coat. Resembling a cross between a wolf and a raccoon, they have a well furried foxy tail. They thrive in the cold and do not get cold easily. They absolutely love snow and cold weather, and their joy is evident from their expressions.
Their main form of communication is howling and its derivatives. They are not guard dogs or defenders.
They are not demanding eaters and can work in a harness while consuming little food. For mushing, it's best to have 4 or more Siberian huskies in a team.
They are working dogs, and being harnessed is natural for them. They are athletic and enduring, and running is their forte.
During the day, they sleep a lot, but they are active in the morning and evening.
They are highly intelligent and capable of making their own decisions.
Huskies tend to be clingy to passersby, other people, and dogs. They enjoy snatching treats and indulging in delicacies.
They might consider themselves couch dogs and happily sleep across your bed. Siberian huskies are not aggressive towards people, but they do exhibit food aggression, which can be easily managed with proper training since puppyhood.
They are friendly, even overly so, and thrive when their minds are engaged. At home, they are undemanding and don't require excessive attention or cuddles.
Huskies are headstrong but responsive when approached in the right way. They will do anything for food but might ponder if it's worth it without a treat.
Huskies easily welcome new family members, including children and other dogs.
While playing among themselves, they can be rough, which might discourage other dogs from playing with them. They have a hunting instinct that can't be eliminated entirely in early puppyhood. They hunt only for themselves and their own sustenance.
Huskies exhibit strong family qualities. If they don't feel loved and cherished as part of the family, they might seek another one. Escaping and roaming are typical features for Huskies in such cases.
They learn quickly to stay alone at home when their human is away.
Huskies can easily be taught engaging activities during their owner's absence to avoid restlessness, anxiety, and destructive behavior.
They make excellent adventure and active leisure companions.
While Huskies can survive in warm climates, their true happiness comes from the cold and snow, which you won't see in hot weather.
While Huskies enjoy running, they don't need to be professional athletes.
They also don't forgive or forget repeated mistreatment or bad treatment three or more times. Gradually, they lose trust in you, and without trust, there is no unconditional obedience.
Huskies are not suitable for everyone who wants to own them. They should not be given as gifts, not even to children.
Owning a pure Siberian Husky is a lifestyle, a way of thinking, and a call from the soul.
A person who finds happiness in life with Siberian Huskies is a true hard worker
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